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why choose titanium, aluminum and stainless steel to make the maintainance parts for motorcycles or bikes?

Titanium and aluminum, as well as stainless steel, are commonly used in the manufacture of maintenance parts for motorcycles or bikes for several reasons:1、Strength and durability: These materials are known for their high strength-to-weight ratios, which makes them ideal for parts that need to be st

2023 05-13
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Discover the Power and Precision of Tsugami B0326A-III Swiss Turning Machines

Young High Precision Part Co.,Ltd is proud to introduce its newest addition to their line of high-quality machines - the Tsugami. With a capacity of up to 32mm, this machine is the perfect solution for precision parts manufacturing.The Tsugami is equipped with advanced features that allow it to hand

2023 05-09
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Tsugami B0205: The Ultimate Swiss-Type CNC Lathe for Precision Machining

The Tsugami B0205 III is a Swiss-style CNC lathe that is highly advanced, versatile, and capable of producing high-quality parts. It is an ideal machine for industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas that require precision, accuracy, and versatility in machining.....

2023 05-09
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